Save Money and Support Local Businesses

Uplifting Deals, Spruce PineWhen you think of supporting local businesses, do you immediately think, “Ugh! That’s going to be expensive!”  Well, that’s not the case at Uplifting Deals. This locally owned discount grocery outlet can save you money even as you support a local business!

In our headquarters in Asheville, we negotiate with 12+ national retailers to bring you an ever-changing selection of groceries, health and beauty products, and household goods at the lowest prices around. We know that the savings you receive here leaves you with more money in your pocket to put gas in the car, take the dog to the vet, and pay your household bills.

There are many benefits when you shop locally. As you shop at our stores, you will find that our friendly staff treats you with respect because they live in the same community. Their kids attend the neighborhood public schools, they eat at local restaurants, they walk their dogs along the same paths. And you may not know it, but all of us—owners, warehouse workers, retail staff—probably pass by you at the post office or the park.

It’s the ripple effect. Supporting local businesses is good for our local economy. Businesses like ours put their money back into our community through competitive wages and other necessary purchases as we live and work here. With our recent brand refresh, we are upgrading our building to make it more pleasant for those who shop and those who just pass by. We invest in our local economy because it makes us happier, along with being good for our community.

Supporting a local business doesn’t have to mean extra expense. And getting great deals doesn’t mean you have to send your money out of the community.

Shop at a local business. Have a good time. Make a friend.

Plus, who doesn’t want to save money? And when you can save money by shopping at a local business? Win-Win!

We’ll see you soon!