Super Bowl Sunday & Valentine’s Day Collision?

Get Help from the Sidelines at Uplifting Deals!

Have you noticed that the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day have been getting closer and closer to each other for the past couple of years? A quick Google search to check out the trend shows that these two events get close for two-three years and then split up again as the calendar progresses. The Super Bowl is always scheduled on the second Sunday in February which means it can be as early as the 7th or as late as the 13th.

This year, the Super Bowl lands on February 12th, and that means Valentine’s Day is only two days after this celebration of football.

So, let’s prepare for both while saving some cash!

Super Bowl Savings

For the game, stock up on chips, dips, drinks, and delve into the frozen food section for great apps, pizzas, and quick and easy desserts!

We’ve also got the stuff to make a big pot of chili, chicken wings, and even ribs for the game.

Need some inspiration for dips to go with those wings and poppers? Here’s a link to a page with sauces that will work for both! 

Valentine’s Day Touchdown

Once the game is over, gear up for Valentine’s Day!

Get decadent and imaginative with our generous selection of candy as a gift for your sweetheart, or even flex your baking muscles with one of our cake mixes and frostings.

And if you want to make this dessert extra decadent, add a bag of our special baking candies to the mix.

Or, if you want to get really fancy, zip over to Insanely Good Recipes for 20 Chocolate Cake Mix Recipes You’ll Love

No need to panic about these two holidays, even when they’re only a couple of days apart. Uplifting Deals is here to make both of them grand…and make them affordable!