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We feature deals for resellers by the case, pallet and truckload. Experience the power of wholesale pricing on a vast array of groceries, from pantry staples to household essentials. Our prices are designed to meet the needs of budget-conscious businesses, discount stores, auction houses and online sellers.

  • Diverse Product Range: Our extensive product range caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a small business owner, a national retailer, or an online seller who loves a good deal, you’ll find everything you need under our roof.
  • Business-Friendly Solutions: Are you a discount store, flea market or online seller looking for bulk supplies? Uplifting Deals Wholesale is your partner. Benefit from our vast array of discounted items that are sure to fulfill the unique needs of your business.
  • Efficient Shopping Experience: Navigating our warehouse is a breeze. Our organized aisles and helpful staff make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Find what you need quickly and get back to what matters most.

Tax ID required for tax-free purchases. Join us on a mission to make quality groceries affordable and accessible.

Meet the Team

David Dull: General Manager at Uplifting Wholesale in Asheville, NC

David Dull is the General Manager at Uplifting Wholesale, bringing a wealth of experience and an impressive trajectory in sales and management. His journey in sales began after high school with telemarketing for timeshares, leading to experiences in flea market and auction selling. This journey eventually culminated in managing his own eBay store, a venture that provided him with invaluable insights into the online retail space.

David’s path intersected with Uplifting Wholesale nine years ago, initially managing over 700 Craigslist ads and running the warehouse store. His adaptability and prowess saw him moving through various departments, each time leaving a mark of growth and efficiency. It’s in the wholesale department where David has truly flourished, showcasing his ability to evolve and expand the business’s reach and capabilities.

¬†In his current role, David oversees warehouse operations, manages product flow, maintains customer relationships, and leads a sales team. His ability to adapt and grow within the company is a point of pride, and his leadership skills are pivotal in driving the warehouse’s success.

¬†Outside of work, David is a passionate sports fan, especially devoted to the Philadelphia Eagles. He also enjoys basketball, disc golf, and exploring Asheville’s craft brew scene. David’s journey from sales to warehouse management reflects his dedication and adaptability, making him a key asset to Uplifting Wholesale.

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